Understanding OSHA: Important Information

Imagine a workplace that was unsafe and that had no laws in place to change that. What if you were forced to work for such a company just to pay the bills? If you refused to complete the work, you were fired with no questions asked. Before the Occupational Safety & health Administration became a part of the U.S. Department of labor, this is a scenario that workers faced every single day. In these days there were no employer handbooks that outlined safety precautions or standards and there was no worker’s compensation to cover injuries.  No one was there to make sure employers maintained safety. Jobs were dangerous and employees were forced to work or else.

OSHA signed the OSHA Act into effect in 1970 changing the way that companies do business and the safety that employees working for these companies were able to maintain. No one should be forced to work in such unsafe conditions and that is the change that OSHA made. This act made workplaces safer for employees and created less dangerous situations for them. OSHA has grown significantly in those 40 years but for the better.  Nowadays workers in dangerous work environments must complete specialized osha compliance training santa rosa ca that ensures they are safe.

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OSHA oversees all private sector employees and some public sector employers as well.  They oversee employers in California and beyond. Before OSHA, the National Safety Council reported an average of 38 on the job deaths every single day! Now, there are only 12 worker deaths per day across the globe. Even one death is too many but the drastic reduction in deaths shows just how effective OSHA really is. And, the organization continually works to improve safety in workplaces to continue decreasing these numbers.